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Every step on your journey is necessary for your purpose, especially the uncomfortable ones.

I empower and support you to proceed through the uncomfortable steps, which are the building blocks for attaining transformative results. 

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My Journey

          When I became a teen mom and experienced one of the most challenging times in my life, I overcame those challenges and became a first-generation college graduate. When I struggled with communication and connection with my teenage daughter, I founded a program and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to help us gain an unbreakable connection and helped many other families in my community as well. When I became an empty nester after ensuring both my children were on their own desired path to success, I became a certified coach, entrepreneur, and author.   I now realize that all the obstacles I faced in my life were preparing me for this very moment. 

      The moment I get to take almost 20 years of experience as an authentic, passionate, effective, and results-oriented Information Technology (IT) leader and coach; over 15 years of experience in mentoring and coaching others as a nonprofit and community leader; and my strong desire to inspire, motivate, and uplift others for empowering YOU to turn your obstacles into opportunities to live the life you desire. I was made for my purpose, and I am fully living into it. YOU were made for your purpose as well. As a result of working with me, you will be clear about your wants and the actions to take for achieving them, you will be inspired to take the journey that supports the life  you desire, and you will experience support and positive, unstoppable energy from me as your motivation and empowerment partner.

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What We Offer

     We offer the below services for supporting you in achieving your desired outcomes. We connect to your  personal needs, and our focus is on unlocking your full potential so that you can live a life that brings fulfillment. Contact us today to begin our  journey of a successful, thought-provoking and empowering partnership.

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My book

By sharing how she overcame her struggles and her most recent journey of experiencing internal growth and success after becoming an empty nester, Vonetta inspires readers to pivot from living on autopilot to thriving and being intentional while proceeding through fear, uncertainty, and discomfort.

Customer Reviews

Great read, helpful advice! Well organized and easy steps to learn for a "newer" mindful reader. Great stories and bit size exercises. Highly recommend!

Very inspirational! I like how she was open and transparent throughout book.

Excellent book with great insights and space for me to reflect and apply the lessons to my life!


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"Obstacles are what a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goals."

-E. Joseph Cossman

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Client Feedback

Working with Vonetta has been one of those meeting the right person at the right time relationships. I came to her at a time where I wasn't in the best mental space, but thinking that would blow over as I was working towards my goals with her. I needed more therapy and not necessarily coaching at the time, but Vonetta did not turn me away and we identified goals to help me where I was. I am forever greatful our paths did cross as I am in a better space aligned with tools and new resources to continue on. Vonetta also continues to inspire me to do and be my best thru relationship as well as her leadership and actions.


Project Manager

Vonetta Wade was invited to RMHS to kick off our inaugural monthly speaker series and she was dynamic!  She was able to connect with students virtually during her interactive presentation where she shared stories about her life's journey to help our students "proceed through the uncomfortable" points in their lives.  This was especially applicable during the current pandemic.  The structure of Ms. Wade's presentation is conversation-like  as opposed to her simply engaging in one way communication.  If you are looking for an engaging speaker for teens, please consider booking Ms. Wade


Yolanda Stovall, Ed.D.

Associate Principal

Rolling Meadows High School

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Vonetta Wade.  She conducted a Zoom workshop for Sara's House/Place. We are a non-profit organization that serves Metropolitan Detroit area pregnant women and teens in need of assistance.  The workshop was centered around her book “Proceed Through the Uncomfortable”.  I genuinely enjoyed Vonetta.  She was compelling, intriguing, and very transparent.  The women that participated were fully engaged and did not want the session to end. They had a lot of questions, and she was willing to answer them all.

Geneva Jackson

Sara's House/Place

Founder/Executive Director

Group Coaching

I loved the group coaching! I like how professional the group coach was. I love how she explained the topics we spoke about and it helped me to learn how to open up around others. Group coaching taught me how to communicate with others and it helped me get an idea of what I need to do to get where I want to be in life. It also helped with something that's going on in my life. 


Quenetta Q


Individual Coaching

Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagement

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Obstables? What are those? Let us turn them into opportunities!

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