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I am guided by my life experiences to share my journey of transformation and how I overcame many obstacles and gained success in life, family, community, and my professional goals.

  • From Struggling Teen Mom to Corporate Leader

  • Author of Proceed through the Uncomfortable

  • Author of Mommy Has A Mommy Too

  • ​Co-Author of Coaching Perspectives X

  • Owner and CEO of Achieving Your Purpose, LLC

  • Former Chair of the American Cancer Society Regional Council

  • Founder and President of Movement to Uplift and Support Teens (MUST), 501(c)(3), award winning nonprofit for Youth Services 2003 

  • Honorary Doctorate - Trinity International University of Ambassadors (TIUA)

Let me join you in creating a successful, thought-provoking, and empowering partnership for supporting you on your journey of attaining your goals, while experiencing self-fulfillment and internal success.


I support and empower you to 'Proceed through the Uncomfortable' and achieve your purpose. Contact me today!

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Honorary Doctorate, Leader, Professional Coach, Speaker, Author

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