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5 reasons to “Proceed through the Uncomfortable”

Success looks different to many people. For some, success is making it to the top of the corporate ladder or having a thriving business.

Some people consider success as having a decent-paying job and being able to provide for their family, while some see it as simply making it out of poverty or a bad environment.

There are many examples for success.

Regardless of what it may look like for you, attaining success depends on your desire and ability to take the actions needed to complete goals.

Many of us have goals. There are a number of us who have goals to do something new and different outside of our 9 to 5, such as embarking on the entrepreneurial journey. It can be very intimidating, and we must be aware of the things that could stifle progress on our goals, such as perfectionism.

If things are not perfect, then we are too uncomfortable to proceed. I choose making an impact over being perfect, and I encourage you to do the same.

Check out this great post by Svetlana Whitener on on how being a perfectionist can hold you back:

Being uncomfortable causes us to feel uneasy, anxious, or embarrassed. We prefer to go back into our corners for the feeling of safety. It’s human nature.

My intent is to inspire you and me to ‘Proceed through the Uncomfortable’. This is the name of the book that I self-published last year.

It contains 52 Mindful Journal Reminders to Inspire You on Your Journey. Every reminder was and still is a part of the journey that pushes me closer to my purpose.

Below are 5 reasons to Proceed through the Uncomfortable:

  • It pushes you to get over ‘feeling stupid’ sooner than later; it’s common and prevents many people from moving forward

  • It gives you the permission to move forward with ‘good enough’ and get the feedback and learnings needed to get better; Agile approach

  • It allows you to face and overcome fear that leads to confidence that will carry you forward

  • It puts you in motion to achieve your desires and purpose that are on the other side of the uncomfortable

  • It encourages and inspires others, especially those who look to you for guidance and support

Below are examples for how I have made an impact on my entrepreneurial journey by choosing to Proceed through the Uncomfortable and choosing Impact over Perfection:

  • Self-published my book, Proceed through the Uncomfortable; great reviews

  • Hosted my inspirational Book Launch and Signing & Author Meet and Greet events

  • Delivered dynamic speaking engagements with educators and students, professional organizations, and non-profit organizations

  • Hosted an impactful and successful webinar, Overcoming General Trauma and Creating Generational Wealth, with authentic and inspiring panelists

  • Featured on podcast and Instagram Live

  • Providing effective personalized one-on-one coaching helping women and men in attaining their goals

  • Providing group coaching for women who are entrepreneurs, students, professionals, and mothers, on overcoming generational impacts and achieving their goals/purpose

  • Published my first blog :-)

I am just getting started! I hope this encourages you to “Proceed through the Uncomfortable” as well. Celebrate all wins for motivation. Keep your sight on the bigger picture. Continue to move forward. Keep striving for your goals and purpose.

In Summary, Proceed through the Uncomfortable and choose Impact over Perfection!

For a copy of my book, go to the Shop link on my website or go to : proceed through the uncomfortable.

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