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A collection of insights and techniques from trained coaches with each chapter an individual read, this book serves coaches and clients alike for awareness, tools, and new ideas.



By (author): Center for Coaching Certification, Cathy Liska, Laura Masters, Marie Guilloto Stuppard, Kali Alexia, Roxanne Ostlund, Jane McCarthy, Alisa Atkinson McDonald, Vonetta Wade, Alan Elmore, Nic Kelpe, Delby Bragais, Naomi Clark-Turner



Customer Review: OMG!!! Vonetta, I just read your chapter in “Coaching Perspectives”.... And, I can understand and relate to some extent of its content. Similar to your Mom, I too lost my Mom at the age of 11 years old. After reading your chapter, I think that I may need to speak to someone as I now recognize that there are some aspects of ME and how I have conditioned myself to process and handle things, which may stem from not addressing my Mothers death and my feelings, decisions, perspectives, etc of my life journey as a result of her death.


Thank you!!! It was an excellent read which certainly opened my eyes to a number of things. Thank you!!! I am elated to learn and see how close of a bond that you and your daughter have; and also how you two are utilizing your experience, knowledge, skills and trainings to helping others. I am so very proud of both of you.

Coaching Perspectives X


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